Our products carry a 12 month warranty from the month of manufacture/purchase. Within that warranty period should the product fail based on a component or manufacturing related fault we will repair/replace the product and return it to you FOC.

If you return a product and it is received by Custom Electronics Ltd outside that 12 month warranty and a repair is required then a charge will be incurred. The cost for repair will be quoted upon inspection of the product once returned.

N.B. customer damage or installation damage is not covered by this warranty. Damage of this nature is repairable at cost upon return only.

How to return your product

To return a product for investigation you must first contact us for a returns number. It is a good idea to inspect the product before returning it as sometimes we can advise over the telephone if it needs to be returned. When sending the product back you must state this number on the paperwork with the return.

When including paperwork please state your contact details, the product you are returning and the reason for it's return. Sometimes faults can be clearly found and easily addressed. However sometimes a fault with a product can be intermittent and we have to attempt to replicate the fault when we inspect. This is to help work out if a fault is from a problem on site where it is installed or a fault with the product you returned.

N.B. Please ensure you return the product packaged so that is isn't damaged further in transit. Extra transport damage can incur further costs to you when it comes to repair and also makes investigation more difficult when working out the fault. e.g. ensure any transformer is correctly fastened inside a power supply and not left loose.

Transport damage

Transport damage must be reported to us immediately after you find it when receiving your goods. We advise that if your package has been visibly damaged in transit that you clearly state this when signing for it. In instances of transport damage we must have the report within 1 day so that we can make a claim with the courier responsible. When receiving your package please make sure it has arrived undamaged.

Common reasons for failure

Our products usually long outlast their warranty before a routine upgrade or replacement is required. Some common situations that can cause early failure to be aware of avoiding are:

• Not monitoring the state of your sealed lead acid batteries (battery back up products). Once a set of batteries have reached the end of their life cycle they will become increasingly hard to recharge until they will no longer do so. If a power supply is strained by trying to constantly charge dead batteries it will cause the power supply to fail.

• Drilling an enclosure instead of using the available knockout points. Power supplies containing a toridal transformer often become victim to being drilled due to lack of awareness. As this goes unnoticed the product is turned on via the mains and found to be not working. Once you break the coils on the transformer it will cease to function and can also be very dangerous. Please use the knockout points provided.

• Reversing the polarity when fastening cables into the circuit card terminals. This can cause serious damage to the circuit card and is also dangerous. Make sure that you always read the terminal markings and wire in the correct cable.

• Wiring the load and battery cables into the incorrect terminals. Again this can cause serious damage to the circuit card. Battery charging output is lower than the load output. Wiring your load into the battery terminals can lead to a serious fault with the circuit card.

• Continued overloading of the power supply for a long period. Each power supply will only supply the max load which it is indicated in the instruction manual. Trying to supply a higher load will either lead to immediate failure or extreme damage if left for a long period of time. Please check carefully the load you require and choose a power supply correct for your needs.