What is Smoke Ventilation?

Smoke Ventilation

Our AOV (automatic opening vent) control panels are vastly used to vent smoke from building in the event of a fire. Building regulations have changed in recent years due to the idea smoke harms first more than heat. The details of how these regulations are now enforced can be found in approved document B. This document has been revised for April 2013 and you can find a link to the web page by clicking here.

Our AOV panels can be intergrated with current fire systems or function as a stand alone product. For regulations regarding smoke & heat control you can read up on the standard EN12101. A link to available standard copies can be found by clicking here.

In the event that the AOV is triggered (by smoke detector, call point or fire panel) it will open windows or vents at the zone triggered to vent smoke. On some buildings smoke ventilation is required through a "master zone" (lift, shaft or stairwell vent) as well as the zone which has been triggered.

In this case the AOV Multi zone panel can be set up so that the first zone (master zone) will open at the same time as the trigger zone. Smoke will then be vented from these 2 points. You can view our range of multi zone panels by clicking here.

In addition to the regulations it is a good idea to consult your fire office as to how they require to override the system.