Frequently asked question about AOV's & AOV control systems

Common questions asked about how to choose the correct equipment and questions AOV system design.


Information required to choose the correct equipment

Window or vent size
Regulations or fire officers will require you to open windows or vents to allow a certain volume of smoke to escape. You need to know the inner dimentions of the window you will be opening.

How the window or vent is hinged and where it is located?
While opening a window will allow air or smoke to escape, how it is hinged will effect how much it may need to open. As smoke generally travels upwards, bottom or side hinged windows will allow more to escape faster than a top hinged one.

How is the system going to be triggered?
Will a smoke detector be the only way to set off the system or will a manual call point be required too.

More than one window or vent to open
Single staircases or shafts usually have a roof vent or window. If this is the only one to open an AOV single zone controller will work. If you need to open 2 or more, will they need to open separately? If so you may need to consider an AOV multi zone controller.

What current supply is required to operate the window actuators?
Once you have worked out what actuator(s) you will need you can then calculate the power required to open them. This will then allow you to choose the correct base panel to power all units when the system is triggered.


System design

Is there a standard for AOV systems?
Yes. There is a provisional standard currently in place regarding AOV products and smoke evactuation. While it's only provisional it's currently being followed and your fire officer will have certain demands of the system.

The fire officer has given us specific requirements
These will usually be how far they require you to open windows and how they can override the system manually. This is information you will need to factor into how you choose the system to work.

Can you design a system for our project?
With years of knowledge supplying our systems for various projects we have managed to create solutions to many types of AOV smoke control situations. If you can supply us with project plans or detailed information about requirements, we can offer the best solution with alternatives based on our previous experience. Each project can have it's own challenges but there is usually a solution.

I have to install a system in an existing building
If you are installing a system in a building where there isn't one already in place we will just need to know the information asked in the section at the top. Changing an old system will require information about the wiring already in place including how it currently functions so the system can be replicated or bought up to current standards.

I need the AOV controls to work with an existing fire system
Your AOV control panels can be triggered from a fire panel via a set of no voltage closed contacts. When the contact is broken the AOV system is triggered. Single or multi zone panels can have any individual zone triggered in this way. The same smoke detectors connected to the fire panel will then also trigger the AOV control panel.