What is Natural Ventilation?

Ventilation can be required in building for the following reasons; natural ventilation for air flow or smoke ventilation to clear smoke when there is a fire.

Natural Ventilation

Where natural ventilation is required our AOV control panels can be set up to open & close windows or vents to maintain temperature & air flow.

On the AOV system if the temperature rises the control panel will be triggered to open windows or vents to allow air to escape. This will then naturally ventilate areas where set temperatures are required. Once the temperature lowers the control panel will be triggered to then close the windows or vents to allow the temperature to be maintained.

Where roof vents are included in this system a rain sensor can be fitted. In the event that the weather has changed while the vent has been open, the rain sensor will trigger the AOV panel to close. This will then stop water entering but continue natural ventilation where zones have been triggered.

These options are available on request, please contact us or submit a sales enquiry for more details.

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